Mahmoud Chouki

Photo by Eliot Kamenitz

Mahmoud Chouki
is a master guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. From an early age, he began musical training at conversatories including the Conservatory of Larache and the National Conservatory in Rabat focusing on classical guitar and music theory. Chouki includes musical influences from many different regions and cultures including classical (Europe), Andalusian (Southern Spain), Levantine (Middle East/West Asia), Maghrebian (North Africa), Latin (South America), and Jazz (United States). Chouki includes many instruments such as the loutar, a traditional instrument of Morocco; the sintir, the oud, the Algerian mandole, the Bağlama saz, the banjo, etc. that contribute to Chouki's unique musical style and compositions. 

Additionally, Chouki has previously performed for LSM at St. Paul's UCC and we are more than delighted to welcome him back again. 


Nov 18 2023


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Corner of Laurel & Webster Street
6072 Laurel Street
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